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  • Our Valentine’s Survival guide

    Yikes it’s that time of year again. Whether you’re a romantic or not (did you know 59% of men don’t believe there’s a point to Valentine’s Day!?),  there’s no getting away from red roses and over-priced restaurants on 14th February!  So here’s our survival guide…   Be my Valentine?   Do you remember receiving a …

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  • Six steps to creating the perfect bath time experience

    As the night’s are getting darker, it’s easy to feel a little bit fed up and find yourself hankering after sunny Summer’s evenings. But why not embrace these cooler darker nights and see it as an opportunity to enjoy a cosy night in and re-discover the very British pastime of ‘having a bath’.   Six steps …

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  • Ahhh……the Great British weather!

    Short and sweet this week as the Summerdown Farm is busy busy busy!   It’s amazing how the weather can change so quickly in a fortnight.   Last time we wrote we were in the middle of that hot and balmy weather which was doing brilliant things for our crops. Since then Farm Manager Ian …

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  • Notes from the Summerdown Farm

    Notes from the farm A day in the life of a farmer is never dull…so in the first of our ‘Notes from the farm’ blogs, we caught up with Summerdown Farm Manager Ian to find out what he’s been up to.   Well the good news is, the rain hasn’t stopped him and there’s been …

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  • A little bit of wildflower inspiration….

    Chelsea may be over, but no doubt you’ve been inspired to get outside, put your gardening gloves on and make some changes in your own garden. Here at Summerdown we’re passionate about the English countryside and our natural habitat. That’s why over the years we’ve been working closely with international charity Plantlife on conversation projects to …

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  • How to get the best out of your home fragrance

    With the growing popularity of home fragrance, we asked the lovely Catherine who hosts our fairs and events if she would share some of her trade secrets with us.   We’re pretty proud of our best-selling reed diffuser because we know from our customers that it not only fills the air with the scent of …

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  • Mr Luke Christian reviews our Reed Diffuser

    SPRING/SUMMER HOME SCENTS Before becoming a blogger, I had never really associated candles and diffusers with the Spring/Summer seasons. I had always felt that they were best suited for the cold, Autumn/Winter periods. It is safe to say that this is no longer the case, and I feel embarrassed to have only cottoned onto this …

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  • Jennifer Hirsch Dip. Hort Kew – The Beauty Botanist is smitten by Summerdown hand lotion

    Putting an experience into words When The Beauty Botanist first discovered Summerdown products in her local farm shop, she was impressed enough to get in touch with us directly through the Summerdown website. So we sent her some more products from our collection to try, and asked her for her overall impression. We’re delighted that …

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  • Summerdown Naturally and the Countryside Education Trust

    Introducing children to the great English countryside We feel very lucky to be based in the heart of the English countryside. There aren’t many places we’d rather work – with views of sheep grazing in the fields,and a landscape dotted with wildflowers. On a breezy summer’s day you can smell the peppermint, lavender and camomile …

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  • Do you know what’s in your products?

    Isn’t it funny how at this time of year we’re all so aware of the ingredients in our food and what we’re putting into our bodies, yet, we don’t apply the same stringent attitude to the products we put onto our bodies? How often do you see someone standing in the beauty aisle checking the …

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